Sofas & Chairs

Most of our sofas are handmade in the UK. English-made upholstry is known around the world for its unsurpassed comfort and cosiness.

Classic Sofas Handmade in UK

All sofas feature frames of solid wood and spring boxes. Add a large selection of hundreds of magnificent upscale fabrics and options for cushion fillings and you’ll have endless joy with your customised piece of furniture of superior quality.


Chesterfield Sofas, Chairs and Chaise Longues

As a matter of course, Chesterfield sofas are also handcrafted in UK for you to enjoy. Only full cowhides are processed and the copper stud nails are hammered in individually by hand. If desired, the upholstry can be made of horsehair.

All of the above will ensure that your authentic Chesterfield sofa made in the UK will provide enjoyment for many years to come.


Detailed Information on our Handmade Upholstry