Grange 1904

It´s really bad news, but after nearly 120 successful years GRANGE has decided to shut down production. Their beautiful made pieces will sure be missed.

Nevertheless, we still offer a wide range of similar furniture and therefore we are very happy to announce a new manufacturer in our assortment. If you loved GRANGE furniture we´re sure you´ll love Les histories d’Alice too.

Grange has been manufacturing classic hardwood furniture with traditional and loving craftsmanship since 1904. Needless to say everything is produced in France. The magnificent patina and the surface finish by Grange are a soothing counterpart to mass-produced furniture. Furniture by Grange comes in a wide range of staining and colour options, which require up to 15 working steps to complete.

Grange can also fulfil your personal furnishing needs that cannot be met with the company’s standard products. For example, Grange will be happy to design your customised library or panelling. No matter which piece of furniture you choose from Grange – a library, console, chair or dresser: nothing leaves their workshops without having gotten polished, stained, lacquered and waxed by hand to achieve the typical Grange patina.



Come to our showroom to pick out your favourite piece of furniture by Grange. We look forward to seeing you!