Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture

Our range of furniture includes first-rate classic period furniture by a variety of manufacturers. Most of them have more than 100 years’ experience and a long-standing tradition.

Insight into our Showroom

French Furniture

French furniture are mostly made of solid cherrywood and is often given an antique finish. Upon client request, these pieces of furniture can be painted or lacquered. This process creates unmistakable originals, since all furniture is created on an on-demand basis.

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English Furniture

Furniture from UK is predominantly made from mahogany or yew. Oftentimes, these pieces of furniture are veneered because in Britain, the veneered appearance is a must, e.g. the flamed part of the tree in the case of mahogany. Adding a veneer to a piece of furniture is anything but a sign of low quality. Top-of-the-line antiques as well as contemporary furniture come with a veneer. The decisive factor for the value of a piece of furniture is the material underneath the veneer. All the furniture in our store is made of boards of solid wood.

European furniture styles

French Austria/Germany England
1645-1715 Louis XIV. 1600-1730 Barock 1625-1649 Karlinisch
1715-1730 Régence 1730-1770 Rokoko 1670-1690 William & Mary
1735-1760 Louis XV. 1770-1790 Josephinisch 1690-1720 Queen Anne
1760-1795 Louis XVI. 1805-1815 Empire 1714-1727 Early Georgian
1795-1799 Directoire 1815-1848 Biedermeier 1720-1770 Mid Georgian
1799-1804 Consulat 1850-1910 Altdeutscher Stil 1770-1811 Late Georgian
1804-1815 Empire 1900-1920 Jugendstil / Wiener Werkstätte 1800-1830 Regency
1830-1850 Louis Philippe     1830-1900 Victorianisch