Boxspring Beds

Boxspring beds have been manufactured for more than 100 years. The very best box spring beds have always been made in UK. Unlike in the case of slatted bed bases, the mattress is placed on a boxspring, which is a base with coil springs.

English beds owe their unsurpassed feeling of luxury and comfort to the handcrafted manufacturing process and the fact that no synthetics are ever used, rather relying on all-natural materials.

Our selection includes beds by Vispring and Somnus, which are the top-notch quality manufacturers in England with more than 100 years’ experience.

Boxspring Beds by Vispring

For more than 100 years, the world’s best boxspring beds have been made entirely by hand in Plymouth (England). Only natural materials are used. No synthetics or foam materials go into these beds. Vispring employees continuously work to perfect their products’ finish to ensure that you will get the sleep and rest you deserve. The Vanadium steel spring is the centrepiece of all Vispring boxspring beds. Only natural materials are used, e.g. cotton, silk, Shetland isle wool, horsehair, mohair and cashmere.

The exquisite luxury of Vispring beds used to grace the Titanic’s rooms. Since then, Vispring has been the undisputed top manufacturer of pocket spring beds. The 30-year guarantee underlines the company’s commitment to unsurpassed quality.

We have a large representative overview of Vispring products available for view in our showroom. We look forward to your visit!

Boxspring Beds by Somnus

Founded in 1840 by William Rhodes, Somnus quickly rose to become one of the most renowned english manufacturers of high-quality boxspring beds.

To this day, all beds by Somnus are fully handcrafted in England. This company is all about innovation: it developed the unprecedented Sensa ip intelligent pocket springs system, which allows Somnus to manufacture boxspring beds with up to 27,000 springs.

Only the best materials are good enough to be used as filling material. To create your ideal sleeping experience, Somnus does not use any foam or synthetic materials. Somnus runs its own farm, where it produces a special kind of highly resilient sheep’s wool with excellent breathability. To avoid unnecessary trips, the farm is located in the near vicinity of the production facility.

The Somnus range of products also includes a wide range of headboards and fabrics. All products offer unsurpassed comfort and help create a healthy sleeping environment.