Bed Frames

Classic and Modern Bed Frames

Bed frames made of metal, brass or wood, all magnificently designed, are the perfect match for our mattresses. You will certainly find the right model for you, whether it’s from the English manufacturers The Cornish Bed Company and And So To Bed or the French company Grange. In addition, we carry Wittmann beds, a company that manufactures high-quality bed frames and mattresses made in Austria.

For a perfect match, we recommend combining your bed frame with mattresses from the Vispring collection. It will you not only give you an excellent night’s sleep, but will make for a stunning overall bedroom decor.



English Bed Frames made by And So To Bed and The Cornish Bed Company

When it comes to design, english bedframes are second to none and made with loving attention to detail. Whether you prefer Gothic beds, wooden Louis Philippe beds, leather beds or Victorian brass beds.

As a matter of course, all wooden frames are available in different kinds of wood, staining and colours. In addition, And So To Bed also offers other bedroom furniture, including chests of drawers, wardrobes and matching bedside tables.


Wooden Bed Frames made in France by Grange

Grange has been manufacturing classic hardwood furniture with traditional and loving craftsmanship since 1904. Needless to say everything is produced in France. The magnificent patina and the surface finish by Grange are a soothing counterpart to mass-produced furniture. Furniture by Grange comes in a wide range of staining and colour options, which require up to 15 working steps to complete.


Bedding Accessoires

Needless to say we also supply perfect matching belongings, like

  • Mattress protectors and Toppers
  • Bedlinen
  • Blankets and Cushions