Boxspring Beds

Boxspring Beds have been manufactured for more than 100 years. The very best box spring beds have always been made in UK. Unlike in the case of slatted bed bases, the mattress is placed on a boxspring, which is a base with coil springs.

English beds owe their unsurpassed feeling of luxury and comfort to the handcrafted manufacturing process and the fact that no synthetics are ever used, rather relying on all-natural materials.

Our selection includes beds by Vispring and Somnus, which are the top-notch quality manufacturers in England with more than 100 years’ experience. In addition, we carry Wittmann beds, a company that manufactures high-quality (pocket) spring mattresses made in Austria.

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Classic and Modern Bed Frames

Bed frames made of metal, brass or wood, all magnificently designed, are the perfect match for our mattresses. You will certainly find the right model for you, whether it’s from the English manufacturer And So To Bed, Cornish Beds or the French company Grange.

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